Hākinakina is a two hour weekly programme of Te Tapa Tinana: physical exercise and fitness, and other activities aimed at improving the physical well-being of Tāngata Whaiora. Healthy body, healthy mind.

Games and activities include touch rugby, netball, volleyball, walking netball, circuit training as well as traditional Māori games.

Tāngata Whaiora are empowered to take on leadership roles within each event or activity. For more information please call (09) 8200045, (0800) 731188

Mauri Tau

Mauri Tau is a cultural based programme to encourage pride, self esteem and enable confidence in mātauranga Māori. It runs each week for two hours and includes a karakia, waiata a ringa, waiata moteatea, waiata tautoko, haka and oruorua whakaoriori (a Maori adaptation of tai chi). It offers an opportunity for each of our some 120 Tāngata Whaiora to interact with each other and with staff. The Mauri Tau programme ends each week with a shared lunch. For more information please call (09) 8200045, (0800) 731188

“Mauri nui, mauri roa, mauri tau, ā, tihei wā mauri ora ki te whēiao, ki te ao marama!”