Waitangi Covenant Relationship


Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi acknowledges that the Treaty of Waitangi establishes the unique relationship between Maori and the Crown. That relationship carries reciprocal responsibilities and is based on the principles of good faith, equity, co-operation, partnership, protection and active participation.

The Treaty of Waitangi guarantees to Maori a basic right to good health and enhanced quality of life, and therefore provides a fundamental framework for Maori development and health.


To operationalise the Treaty of Waitangi, the three principles of Partnership, Protection, and Participation will be applied and implemented:

Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi will consult with whanau, hapu, Iwi and local Maori communities to develop appropriate and effective initiatives for Maori.


  • Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi will encourage and involve local Iwi, hapu, whanau and Maori communities at all levels of design, development and delivery of Maori social services.


  • Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi will collaborate with local Iwi, hapu, whanau and Maori communities in ensuring Maori enjoy a comparable level of health status as non-Maori while preserving Maori cultural concepts values and practices.


To successfully operationalise the practical application of the Treaty of Waitangi, other developmental principles outlined below are needed to underpin current and future approaches which seek to achieve Maori health gain priorities through:


  • The end point for Maori development and other strategies is Maori control over their own health improvement;


  • A holistic approach to health improvement which is culturally valid and which maximises intra-sectoral and inter-sectoral co-ordination and provides more effective services for Tangata Whaiora;


  • Recognising and catering for the diverse needs and aspirations of Maori individuals and collectives;


  • Enabling culturally appropriate forms of relationship management and associations to be fostered and sustained;


  • Raising Maori awareness and choice; and


  • Taking a developmental approach to Maori health improvement which recognises the need to increase overall Maori health capacity and capability.