Whanau Day – July 2009

Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi runs two Whanau Days per year. This is an opportunity for friends, whanau and external stakeholders to meet and share in the progress of Tangata Whaiora in the care of the organisation. The most recent Whanau Day event was held on July 31, 2009 and photos can be viewed below.


TKKTR Manager’s Retreat – September 2009

On September 8 and 9, Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi management, staff and kaumatua came together for a two day retreat hosted at Vaughan Park, Long Bay. Various speakers from within the organisation hosted workshops covering a diverse range of topics with emphasis on staff and organisational development, Tangata Whaiora upskilling, tikanga and the future direction of Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi services.

The theme of the retreat was “Looking Back, Stepping Forward” and provided attendees with insight into the history of Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi, history of treatment options for Maori and a sense of where the journey began. After establishing an impression of where the organisation has been, strategies were reviewed for where the future of Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi is heading.

As well as the major re-brand of the Trust’s corporate livery and website, other key discussions and outcomes of the retreat included:

  • Ensuring we become an employer of choice by ensuring that staff (existing and new hires) are engaged in the right types of training and have the correct support mechanisms to excel in their roles.
  • Boosting Tangata Whaiora achievement by developing additional programmes offering an even broader range of cultural, spiritual and physical activities, in line with the Te Whare Tapa Wha model of care, and
  • Exploring future pathways that Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi can travel down, in order to further service the needs of Tangata Whaiora and whanau katoa.

In keeping with the kaupapa Maori ethos of Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi the mahi was punctuated with waiata, karakia and kauhau from the Trust’s kaumatua/kuia. After hours whanau took part in harekeke, hikoi, korero and a competitive “waiata star” session. Photos of the event can be viewed below.


TKKTR Noho Marae – September 2009 – Naumai Marae

On September 15 and 16 Naumai Marae hosted Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi for a two day noho marae/wananga. This event was for the entire organisation including residential Tangata Whaiora and whanau katoa.

Naumai marae is between Dargaville and Ruawai on the West Coast, in the Kaipara area. The local people are Ngati Whatua and we were lucky enough to receive korero o mua and be hosted on a Hikoi to Tokatoka Maunga from their kaumatua.

Other activities and workshops focused on whakapapa, whakatau and kapa haka. Staff nominated Tangata Whaiora from each whare who have improved themselves on their journey to recovery and the winners were presented awards in recognition of their terrific attitude towards themselves, their peers and kaiarahi.

Pictures of the noho marae can be viewed below.


Whanau Day – Christmas 2009

Another successful Whanau Day was held on 10 December 2009. As usual, the we began with a powhiri to welcome the manuhiri and this was followed by a karakia from kaumatua Pio Jacobs.

Gavin Fong, Business Support Manager, and Peter Pivac, Iwi Support Kaimahi, both completed a mihi and this was followed by further mihi from kaumatua Pio Northcroft. As well, our CEO Josie gave a speech thanking Tangata Whaiora, kaimahi and whanau katoa for a wonderful year and wishing them a merry Christmas.

Disability Services gave a presentation on consumer rights and the services they can provide before Tangata Whaiora gave a kapa haka performance followed by lunch.


Market Garden – 2009 / 2010

At Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi we use the Te Whare Tapa Wha model of health. This model recognises tinana as one of the cornerstones of wellness. After conducting an analysis of the types of food that our Tangata Whaiora buy and eat daily it became apparent that our residential clients were spending a large portion of their food budget on vegetables.

We decided that if we grew our own vegetables and were able to manage the production and quality ourselves that this would bring health and financial benefits to the Tangata Whaiora.

An added bonus of this project is the educational and vocational skills the Tangata Whaiora have picked up along the way. Having knowledge about how to provide for themselves has proven to be a very empowering experience for our clients.

Based on the menus that Tangata Whaiora develop for themselves each week we were able to identify which crops would be the most beneficial to plant and harvest.

This is a sustainable project as seedlings can be drawn from existing plants and nurtured until germination, providing our Tangata Whaiora with the ongoing benefits that access to healthy kai brings.


Watercress Garden – 2009 / 2010

The Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi watercress patch was initially set up to provide another healthy kai option to Tangata Whaiora.

Tangata Whaiora have actively taken part in all aspects of developing the watercress garden; from assisting with the seedlings, through to the building of the final bed.

This watercress patch has been shown off to many visitors that have come through the organisation and the feedback has been 100% positive.

The garden is also an energetic topic of discussion amongst Tangata Whaiora and a crop has already been devoured.

This is an ongoing project that needs minimal maintenance but brings huge benefits.


TKKTR Noho Marae – March 2010 – Puatahi Marae

On March 17 and 18 Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi held a two day noho at Puatahi Marae in the Kaipara region.

Ngati Whatua welcomed us with a powhiri and the Tangata Whaiora and kaimahi were supported by Pio and Chrissy Jacobs. There were several speakers from each group followed by appropriate waiata and a meal.

After lunch we headed off with Kaumatua Richard to an inlet on the Kaipara Harbour for swimming and Kayaking. This was enjoyed by all that we spent longer there than we had originally anticipated. All the Tangata Whaiora were very relaxed and lots ventured onto the water in the boat or for a swim.

After we returned to the marae we had a quick shower and a cuppa before dinner was served – a great feast wonderfully prepared by our great cooks.

We returned home the following day feeling re-energised and looking forward to our next noho with Tangata Whaiora, kaimahi and whanau katoa.


Nutrition Programme completed – June 2010

The nutrition programme ‘You are what you eat’ is to help Tangata Whaiora learn basic principles around healthy nutrition and what kai does to the body.

The programme was started in September 2009 and was run in 10 week modules with groups of 5 Tangata Whaiora. We are happy to announce that all residential Tangata Whaiora have now completed the programme and as a result have implemented healthy changes to their diets.

We have now got our own vegetables and fruit trees growing at each whare so that Tangata Whaiora are able to benefit from the heathy kai they have nurtured and produced.

Kai at our Mauri Tau & sports programmes has also been altered to healthier alternatives, in line with the lessons learnt from the nutrition programme.

Smoothie makers have been gifted to each whare as a reward for completing the programme and as an incentive to continue to implement the valuable nutrition information that our Tangata Whaiora have been empowered with.